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Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Plastic is in everything, from the clothes we wear to the water we drink. John Oliver explains how plastics are harming the planet, why recycling isn’t the solution you think it is, and why fixing the problem will be up to not just consumers, but corporations and policymakers.

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This Trick Can Take Your Inbox From Hundreds of Emails to Nearly Empty in Minutes

I'm shocked to see people's inboxes with thousands of unread emails, who can live that way? This article gives a few simple instructions on how to bring that count down and simplify your inbox.

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In Britain we process happiness... differently — Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey on the difference between happy Australians and happy Brits. If you’ve ever used the phrase “Not too bad”, this is for you.

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Steer through the Suez Canal

Navigating the Suez Canal is a high-stress, complicated feat that requires master piloting skills. To demonstrate, CNN worked with Master Mariner Andy Winbow and Captain Yash Gupta to produce this simulated passage. Can you make it through?

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The Yellow Fleet

From 1967 to 1975, fifteen ships and their crews were trapped in the Suez Canal after Egypt blocked both ends during their war with Israel. Simon Whistler explains how the crew on those ships lived together and made the most of their stay.

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