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millionaire arteries can be anything they want to be

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On doing what life expects of you

We're often told the cliche that we can be anything we want or that we're the director of our own movie. The reality is that we're actors in a play directed by someone else. The role we are cast depends greatly on the "ovarian lottery". However, "...we can still make the best of what’s given to us. We can see ourselves as actors in a play. And we play that role the best way we can."

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We’re Tired of Reading About How You Became a Millionaire

Blogging platforms are rife with advice from people who are making tons of money through their side hustles and other investments. This article is a beautiful response to those articles.

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Why Do Arteries Get Clogged? It’s Not What You Think

This video describes our different arteries, the purposes they serve, and how they all come up again and again when it comes to understanding cardiovascular disease.

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Why the US has two different highway fonts

In the 1950s a typeface was designed for US highways, it was called "Highway Gothic" and it continues to serve its purpose. Over the past decade, a new typeface is trying to take its place. The reason: legibility.

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