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don’t cut your arm off for Netflix

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Netflix genre and category search codes

Netflix contains a rich resource of collections that aren't always visible through their menu. Using these codes allows you to search for content in these collections.

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What Does a 95% Effective Vaccine Really Mean?

If you've received a vaccine that's 95% effective, that does not mean you have a 5% chance of getting sick. That’s just not how the numbers are calculated. SciShow takes a closer look at how it works, why we can’t compare these numbers between different vaccines, and why that’s ok.

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FARFETCH Conscious Luxury Trends

This is a plug of our own work.

An annual report describing the different trends within the FARFETCH platform, showing how customers are starting to become more conscious of how and what they purchase.

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Grand visions for a design system grounded in reality

How to establish a multi-platform design system; from the pie-in the sky ideas, to anchoring it firmly in trying to solve tangible problems. Learn about Burberry’s Design System, the processes and governance required, the decision between starting multi-platform vs. single platform — and more.

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What If Your Arm Falls Off Right After a Vaccine?

What would happen if you were to lose your arm just after being vaccinated? Would you still be vaccinated or would you have to queue up all over again? SciShow gives you the answer.

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Five After Hours Habits to Help You Build a Tiny Empire, Quietly

I'm not one for these kinds of articles, but point number four is an interesting idea about scheduling everything into your calendar, or as Tim puts it "Habits are useless when they don’t appear in your calendar."

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