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how many plants fit on the internet?

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How many plants

I love having plants around the house, I believe they are essential in any home. The problem that I have is keeping these plants alive. This beautifully designed and laid out resource advises on how best to care for your plans, gives some helpful tips, and fun facts.

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Is Instagram a Boon or Bane for Artists?

An artist's opinion on using Instagram as a marketing tool for their work.

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Map of the internet

What would the internet look like if it were laid out on a Earth-like map? Well, now we know.

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Notion API

We started using Notion in 2018, it now houses all of our documentation. The simplicity and power of Notion is what allows us to be organised and productive. They have now opened their API to the public, which means  so much more room for activities.

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Measuring web performance

Your website's performance can be measured in many different ways and for different purposes, and it's not always as simple of a matter of actual loading time. This guide has all the fundamental ideas you need to understand to build a fast website for your users, and for search engines.

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Theming Tailwind with CSS Variables

Tailwind is a CSS framework that makes it easier and faster to build and manage websites and layouts. This video guides you on how to use CSS Variables to further extend the utility of Tailwind.

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