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Bob Ross building lego towers

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How tall could a LEGO tower get?

There was a debate on Reddit on how tall a LEGO tower can be built by stacking single blocks on top of each other. Then the BBC tested the strength of a LEGO brick using a hydraulic press. The findings revealed that, only considering weight as a limitation, this LEGO tower can be built up to 3.5km. Unfortunately, it would buckle before it got anywhere close to that height.

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Our Favourite Uses of Typography in Watches

Some beautiful watches with some beautiful typography. We don't think too much about typography in watches, but it can make all the difference.

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The Bob Ross Virtual Art Gallery

Bob Ross was a painter and television host. His TV show — The Joy of Painting — was a long running instructional program on how to paint. This website breaks down his works and how colour was used in them.

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