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moldy retired bulbs

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The "wet bulb" temperature

Wet bulb" temperature is the temperature plus relative humidity at which water stops evaporating off a "wet" thermometer bulb. If air is sufficiently humid, evaporation will no longer cool the bulb, and it gets continuously hotter.

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Why We Know So Little About Women’s Bodies

Medical research has mostly focused on male subjects in humans and other animals. Women's health has mostly been reduced to the body parts that are different to males, thinking that everything else is the same.

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7 Mistakes You Are Making About Retirement

A bit of advice on mistakes to avoid when thinking about your financial needs for retirement.

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Why Mold Is So Hard To Kill

A single mold can make tens of thousands of seed-like spores, which you can't see. But that's just one reason why mold is so difficult to control.

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