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no soup for complimentary ocean plastic

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Lorem Ipsum will destroy your design

It's common practice for designers to place-hold real content with dummy text. The problem with using dummy text, such as Lorem Ipsum, is that the majority of the design is made up of content. The content in your design shouldn't be thought of after the design is complete, they should be developed alongside and influence each other.

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The Secret to Making your Good Soup Glorious

A simple trick to elevating your soup game is to fry your veg in oil for a few minutes before adding your stock. There's no need to read the article unless you want to understand why (which is quite a shallow explanation).

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Why recycled ocean plastic is (often) a lie

How does recycling ocean plastic work and is it really the best, or most effective, way to save our oceans? This videos explains the complications with ocean plastics and how some companies aren't all that honest about their missions to recycle it.

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Why it breaks your brain to take a compliment

Receiving a compliment is tough, it can rattle your brain and cause all sorts of discomfort. The Oatmeal illustrates a handy guide on how to take a compliment.

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