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Google’s good is not great

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An update to how Google generates web page titles

Google are introducing a new way of generating web page titles. Many web pages either have page titles that are too long, stuffed with useless keywords, or aren't even available. Google are now going to generate page titles based on page content and headings, as well as links that point at the page.

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Good is Not Great

A short poem about the difference between good design and great design. Both have their benefits and should be used based on the requirements of the project.

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Don’t use custom CSS mouse cursors

Custom CSS mouse cursors used to be popular, then they weren't, now they are again. Custom CSS mouse cursors can be troublesome and often don't respect the needs of the user. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't use them.

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AI movie posters

Movie descriptions were fed to an AI. The AI generated movie posters based on these descriptions.

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Rick and Morty's Jerry Smith has just been hired as a creative director

What should only be a spoof hire, Jerry Smith from Adult Swim's cartoon Rick and Morty has been hired, in real life, by worldwide advertising agency DDB.

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