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bees are counting down to the apocalypse

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Bees can perceive time

An experiment was conducted with bees to see if they could tell time. To summarise — yes, yes they can, and it doesn't even seem to be due to the position of the sun.

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The perfect link

There are many complexities when designing a link on a web page; How can you indicate that this is a link? Is it obvious for everyone? On all device types? Even for people with visual impairments? This article dives into the best practices for formatting links on the internet.

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Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

There's no argument that climate change is a complex topic. Each of us is trying to reduce and help where they can. But is this enough to change the tides of climate change? Kurzgesagt explain some of the complexities in another one of their beautiful videos

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Which Country is Safest in an APOCALYPSE?

Where should we move to because of climate change and a possible apocalypse has become a common dinner conversation. TLDR news breaks down what is required for a country to be the best location in an apocalypse.

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Russian Man Tricks Bank Into Signing Ridiculous Credit Card Agreement

After receiving an offer for a credit card from a local bank, this man modified the contract, sent it back to the bank, and ended up with an incredible credit card agreement. Playing the same as the banks — assuming that no one reads the contract in full — he added certain clauses, including penalties if they tried to sue him.

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The mystery of the "same sky" postcards

A postcard collector noticed something weird about many of the postcards in his 11,000+ collection. Many of them shared similar features, including one extremely popular sky.

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