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“Blind people don’t visit my website.”

Many websites are built for perfect people in perfect environments. But no one is that person all the time. Sometimes you're hungover looking for directions to the brunch spot, or running into a interview searching for the name of the person you're meeting, or you're outside on a sunny day trying to read an article. Web accessibility isn't only beneficial for people with disabilities.

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What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

We have incorrect ideas of what dinosaurs looked like. Kurzgesagt shares an interesting insight into what they could have looked like based on their descendants and assumptions.

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A Blood Test for Cancer

Most cancers don't have symptoms early on, causing them to go unnoticed until they are at a more advanced stage. This is changing thanks to advancements in blood testing.

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The Imminent Collapse of Digital Advertising

Digital ad fraud could be a $150 billion business by 2025, which would make it the largest criminal enterprise after the drug trade

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