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Is Your Privacy An Illusion?

We are giving away our privacy for convenience, entertainment, and social media. Internet privacy and security is complex; Destin, of Smarter Every Day, explains why this is the case and what he's trying to do to solve it.

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How to Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit in your Head

It's always been something I've relied on Google or Siri to help with, but the formula is simple. To save you the hassle of opening a Medium article, here it is: from °C to °F just multiply by 2 and add 30, from °F to °C just subtract 30 and divide by 2.

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The Future of Images Is ‘Trust Nothing’

Adobe are developing something interesting and worrying. An AI powered image manipulation technology that can quickly and easily modify an image of someone into a completely different pose with almost no trace of the manipulation.

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Ending Anonymity Online: Britain's Plans to Change the Internet

A proposal in UK parliament is floating around that could end online anonymity; meaning that signing up for a social media account might require a valid form of ID. TLDR News breaks down what this law would do and why politicians are keen on getting this law through.

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Adobe uses copyfraud to preserve spyware

Although Adobe Flash is "dead", there is still a rich history of Flash powered content sprinkled over the internet; some of this content is still useful for some people. Because of this Adobe still supports flash with an "enterprise" version, as well as a licensed Flash Player for a Chinese network that is bundled with spyware and a killswitch. A developed created a free and open source Flash installer without any of the nasty bits, but Adobe is fraudulently attempting to sue them.

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