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"In this age of stock markets that boom in response to mass unemployment, supply-chain collapse, monopoly and runaway climate emergencies, NFTs aren't really that weird. They represent the dream of "retail investors" to participate in the rigged lottery that minted 412 new billionaires during the covid lockdown."

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Those “Get The App” Banners

A short rant about the web being covered by increasingly interrupting banners to download their app, disrupting the perfectly usable website that is trying to be accessed.

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Why We Crave Software With Style Over “Branding”

In recent years software started looking all the same. In more recent years this has started to change; with users wanting more interesting and opinionated designs for the tools that they are using.

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Your Brain on Psilocybin

Psilocybin increases the strength of the connections responsible for how we sense the world, while also decreases the connections responsible for how we understand signals from our environment.

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Nihilism: The Belief in Nothing

For some, the meaning of life is the love we share with friends, family, and our loved ones. Some others believe the existence of life in itself is what makes it worth living. But for nihilists, life is meaningless. All action, suffering, emotions both good and bad, are entirely senseless and meaningless.

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