do they eat meat in Icelandverse?

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Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century

A look behind the scenes of the true Dubai and why, due to horrible urban planning, capitalism, and some slavery, Dubai is “a tasteful parody of everything wrong with modern humanity”.

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Introducing the Icelandverse

This promotional video is a parody of Mark Zuckerberg's presentation of Meta; showing off Iceland's natural, and real-life, beauty. Well done Iceland, well done.

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Is Meat Really that Bad?

Whether you should stop eating meat completely or find a balance is a complicated subject. Kerzgesagt get into the finer details of whether meat is truly as bad for the environment as everyone believes and what we should be doing about it.

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Stop thinking about flows, start thinking about objects

As programmers we naturally fell into this way of thinking when it came to design. This article does a wonderful job of explaining object oriented design, something we had not heard of before. The argument for it: helps with the natural growth of an application and reduces the need to redesign and rebuild significant parts over time.

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The 10 Websites That Track You the Most

Who would have thought that Wikipedia, TikTok, Instagram and a specific porn site would be the ones to track users the least. But it's not surprising that the ones to track the most are news and blog websites.

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