the flaws of NFTs for the blind

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The 7 types of rest that every person needs

Many people believe that rest is the same as sleep, that getting 7-8 hours per day is enough. But there are many different types of rest that each person needs; such as mental and sensory rest. A good balance of all the types keeps you energised and helps to avoid burnout.

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Accessibility Myths

Accessibility on the web doesn’t just mean adding alt-text to images and ensuring proper colour contrast for people with visual impairments. Here are some other myths about accessibility.

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My first impressions of web3

So what does web3 solve then? And when will the “still early stage” get old? Probably never as we, nerds, tend to really like these things.

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What Happened to Clubhouse?

Clubhouse, an audio only social network, launched at the start of the COVID pandemic. It took off quickly and became the top social media platform on the App Store instantly; likely as a result of the boredom people were driven to whilst limited to their homes. It’s been some time since I’ve come across any mention of Clubhouse, could it be due to people no longer being trapped inside or could it be its quick descent into multilevel marketing scheme and crypto bro channels?

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