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Plagiarism Is Rampant On Instagram And Nobody Seems to Care

Many online creators have been happy with exposure of their content in lieu of payment. This has lead the way for brands and other content creators online to plagiarise or simply repost the original content, with no credit to the original creator. This won’t be tolerated in the “real world” so why do we tolerate it so much online?

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Hear Me Out, NFTs Are This Year’s Biggest Scam

The main argument supporting NFTs is about how it is finally time for digital artists to get paid for their work. But with NFT minting sites charging massive fees and no governing body to enforce the ownership and transfers of NFTs, meaning nothing protect those buying, it is not yet the golden age for digital (and non-digital) artists.

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Theranos’s invention never would have worked. Here’s why.

Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos promised that with a single drop of blood their new device could run hundreds of different medical tests; a revolutionary tool for healthcare. Although, this wasn’t really the case and would have never been possible in the way they were promising. This video explains why this is the case.

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Why Do Humans Vomit So Much?

We vomit quite a lot, whether from ingesting “poisin”, getting motion sickness, or from being pregnant. What exactly causes our nausea and vomit control center reflex to react to so many different triggers?

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