Russian Darth Vader crashes moon into Earth

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Reality or Fiction?

A woman shares her experience of sexual harassment in Facebook/Meta’s Venues. It leads to the question of whether virtual reality is intended to be reality or fiction and explains why people are drawn to the “Darth Vader” versions of themselves online because of the Proteus effect.

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Scientists Have Discovered Why We Love Darth Vader

To continue with the above article; Why is it that people love villains in movies and series? Is it because of what great leaders they are or simply because they let us explore our dark side?

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Beyond Beautiful — Russian Paintings That Will Keep You Fixated

Four paintings by Konstantin Makovsky; something beautiful to distract you.

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What Happens if the Moon Crashes into Earth?

What would happen if the moon were to slowly crash towards Earth, taking about a year to do so? Things would go bad much quicker than you’d expect; but for a brief moment, everything would be beautiful.

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