mushrooms, cockroaches and being childish

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Understanding Layout Algorithms

After years of frontend development and CSS writing you may think you understand how browsers layout and organise the DOM. This article does a great job at explaining layout algorithms and how the browser renders elements on the page.

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Why You Can't Overcook Mushrooms and The Science Behind Them

What’s the best way to cook mushrooms? This video explains the science behind fungi and what happens when they are cooked.

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Why are cockroaches so hard to kill?

Cockroaches are undeniably disgusting, I will have no part in any argument stating otherwise. TED-Ed’s video explains the genetic adaptations of cockroaches and why it makes them so difficult to kill or get rid of.

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Childish Font Sizes

Large font sizes on websites can often be interpreted as childish. This may be due to them being easier to read and reminiscent of children’s books. But, with our screens getting larger and web pages having infinite space, it’s time to increase that font size in your design and have fun with all the possibilities available.

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