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The Boltzmann brain paradox

A topic that was often discussed in the studio during our early days. How do you know that you’re who you are — a person who has lived the life you remember — and not just a brain that was implanted with the memories you have? This is known as the Boltzmann brain paradox.

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Why Weather Forecasts Suck

There are two types of rain — frontal rain that is easy to predict and convection rain that is a whole lot more complex to predict. Unfortunately for us, convection rain accounts for the majority of the rain that we experience. Watch this video to understand why and cut your meteorologists some slack the next time they didn’t predict the rain.

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How memories form and how we lose them

How are memories formed and what’s the difference between the strong memories we can recall from childhood and recent activities that we just can’t remember? As with all TED-Ed videos, this one is a short, and beautifully animated, lesson on why this is the case.

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This is the most interesting roof in London

The Royal Albert Hall in London is about 150 years old. It wasn’t built to hold the kind of activities it does now, and because of that a few adjustments had to be made to the space for better acoustics. This has resulted in a roof that is a marvel of engineering and ideas.

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