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Days Since Incident

A list of timers showing the time since various significant events happened around the world. With entries for things like the last tsunami, Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake, and 25 Kiloton Asteroid Impact.

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Geographic misconceptions

Geographic mental misplacements are common errors that people make when trying to remember or visualise the locations of places on a map. These errors can take many different forms, such as misremembering the relative positions of two countries or overestimating the size of a continent. This website presents these misconceptions and shows the reality of them.

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How QR codes work

I’ve often wondered how QR codes work, just not enough to look into it. Then I came across this article and I’m glad I did because it’s fascinating. This article explains, in simple terms, how readers use the different black and white spaces to read information and the redundancies put into place for partially read QR codes.

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