AI's impact on designing crystal space

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How will AI change the world?

In the near future, AI is expected to greatly impact our lives and the world as a whole. However, there is much debate on the specific ways in which AI will shape society. Is it possible to develop AI that can assist in resolving global issues or will it lead to a loss of control? This topic delves into the limitations of AI and the potential for creating technology that works in harmony with humanity.

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Complementary Space

Explore the concept of space in design and how it relates to the Gestalt principles. The author argues that choosing an amount of space in design is often subjective, but by identifying the "why" behind the choice, it can be made more objective. The article also discusses the current use of design tokens and why space is not typically included.

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Crystal Castles: The Dark Truth

Crystal Castles was an electronic music duo who gained fame and success in the electronic music industry. In 2014, Alice Glass left the band, citing that the band had compromised her "sincerity, honesty, and empathy for others." In 2017, Alice Glass publicly spoke out against Ethan Kath, detailing how he had taken advantage of her when she was 15 years old and how he had emotionally and financially controlled her throughout their time in the band.

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